[Dshield] Help! Can no longer install programs - Related toSecurity updates?

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What are the permissions (local) on the file?

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Subject: [Dshield] Help! Can no longer install programs - Related to
	Security updates?

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Help! Can no longer install programs - Related to Security updates?

Would the distinguished subscribers to this awesome list, please kindly
help by pointing into correct direction in the following dilemma?

(The experienced issue made it possible to manually install, e.g. a
security patch, so it is at least that way related to security [patches]
as well. ;-)

I have encountered the following issue on two systems (after having
automatically applied the latest security updates).

Both systems are fully patched up-to-date WXP Pro systems (with a
nationalized Finnish version [of O/S] and GUI).

I have changed the name of the Admin account (from default) on both
systems, and attempt to execute the installation/setup file; signed on
the Admin account, witch has (by default) full administrative privileges.

When I attempt to run the installation/setup file, receive the following
prompt (direct translation from Finnish into English):

"[Full path name]
Windows cannot use the specified device, path or file. You may not have
the required privileges.

Nothing logged into the security log.

So, it now appears I cannot install any programs on these systems,
before the issue is solved.

Has anyone experienced the same or similar?

Do you have idea(s), what might cause the issue, and how to correct the
situation? Might it relate to MS security patches?

Thanks for any pointers into the right direction.

- - Pete

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