[Dshield] Audit device

Kevin Ottalini ottalini at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 24 04:05:22 GMT 2007

    MS Baseline security 2.1 is the one complete tool to check for OS patch 

There are some 2rd party tools like Belarc that have a very useful scan and 
do attempt to check a/v status:

I have a little C# tool that I wrote that provides easy access to a number 
of free scantools and A/V tools including O/S update links that might help:

I'll be updating this in a few weeks to include a number of tools like 

If you have questions or comments about the toolkit, feel free to contact me 

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Subject: [Dshield] Audit device
> Unfortunately I'm in the market for a device that can scan a
> laptop for patches and AV signatures checking to make sure everything is
> up to date.  I had a very trusted third parties laptop connect to my
> network, VPN to their network, connect to their smtp and then launch the
> Storm Worm.  Why they would allow exe's just boggles my mind.
> Unfortunately I can't go into details but SOP just isn't a part of their
> play book.
> Thanx, Paul

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