[Dshield] Pump and Dump Stock lists

Shawn Cox shawn.cox at pcca.com
Fri Jan 26 19:37:31 GMT 2007

The PnD stock spams are by far my worst offenders.  I have most all of the
drug and enhancement spam under control, but these stock scams I just can't
get a hold on.


So I was thinking if there were a published list of stock symbols that are
currently being spammed I could add them to my blocked keyword list either
through script or manually as they reach a certain level.  I was thinking
along the lines of the way dshield monitors ports for scan activity.  When
we see a port start becoming a target we see it and can react quickly.


Does anyone know if something like this exists or how it might be





Server and Storage Administrator

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association

Lubbock, Texas




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