[Dshield] Pump and Dump Stock lists

Sean Smith ssmith at kwqc.com
Fri Jan 26 20:46:17 GMT 2007

A list is a spectacular idea. We do not get a lot of them, but I'm
starting to compile a list from my local data now, if not for anything
else - just for local use. If it amount to anything worth a darn I'll
share it in the future. 

Unless everyone wants to start sending me *just* their ticker symbols
(no extra spam text if you do decide to send stuff, please.) I'll
volunteer to compile them into .xls if that's ok - and then we'll be on
to something of our very own. 

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The PnD stock spams are by far my worst offenders.  I have most all of
the drug and enhancement spam under control, but these stock scams I
just can't get a hold on.


So I was thinking if there were a published list of stock symbols that
are currently being spammed I could add them to my blocked keyword list
either through script or manually as they reach a certain level.  I was
thinking along the lines of the way dshield monitors ports for scan
activity.  When we see a port start becoming a target we see it and can
react quickly.


Does anyone know if something like this exists or how it might be





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