[Dshield] Something Seems to Be Spreading

David Cary Hart DShield at TQMcube.com
Fri Jan 26 22:48:43 GMT 2007

We are seeing a tremendous increase in Paypal phishing spams from
virgin IPs. Last week, I saw a great deal of spam with malicious
attachments; most of it with a hyperbolic news headline or a severe
weather alert as the subject. I guess that the two patterns can be 

Many of the removal requests that these have created are coming from
small to mid-size companies including lawyers and accountants. 

One of these days I'd like to come up with prevalent subject lines
and HELO patterns on our website. Right now we are deluged.

Lame excuse of the week: "The IP address had been spoofed, this has
been corrected, we were never actually spamming from the real IP location."
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