[Dshield] Loss of integrity with DShield - [Fwd: Daily DShield Report 2007-01-26]

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Sun Jan 28 10:24:49 GMT 2007

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Like the new appearance of the DShield site. Congratulations!

Found a couple of issues during a quick look at the site.

There would seem to be issues with the contents of the DShield D/B as
well as with Daily DShield Reports.

Submissions and submission confirmations run fine.

1) Nevertheless, received one day late the forwarded Daily DShield
Report, which claims no reports submitted.

As can be seen, the Daily DShield Report is for Friday January 26th.

On January 26th, I submitted 19 submissions containing totally 77 lines.

Received Submission Confirmations for each submission stating all lines
were accepted and written into the DShield D/B, none rejected. This
applies to all data submitted that day.

2) My submissions do not show in 'My Reports' (at
https://secure.dshield.org/myreports.html) for January 26th. The same
applies for January 27th and 28th as well.

"Today's Reports:" display "0 Lines" for all three days.

3) Unluckily, "Today's Reports:" display "0 Lines" for all days in the
year 2007 as well as apparently all days for the year 2006.

"Today's Reports:" display "0 Lines" for all days, no matter whether the
DShield D/B contains user submitted data for that day or not. In other
words, the counter field mechanism or algorithm is broken.

Are you aware of the issues?

Thanks in advance for taking care of the issues.

Once again congratulations about the new look.

- - Pete

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you did not submit any reports today

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