[Dshield] Now It's Postcard.Exe and New Signature

Tony Earnshaw tonni at hetnet.nl
Wed Jan 31 17:32:37 GMT 2007

Johannes B. Ullrich wrote, on 31. jan 2007 16:17:

> what we actually need is a postfix/procmail et al signature for .exe
> files. Anything else is just a whack-the-mole band aid.

Ya got it with Postfix & amavisd-new. That's what we at barlaeus.nl 
know, use and love (thanks Marc Martinec) and have been doing for years 
- and updating/grading all regularly.

We're now on Postfix 2.3.6 and amavisd 2.4.4, bugger Procmail - Postfix 
hands off to Courier maildrop, latest version.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl

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