[Dshield] Dalnet being uses as a C&C server

Larry lbrower at servermanagementsolutions.com
Wed Jun 20 01:20:05 GMT 2007

ge at linuxbox.org wrote:
> On 2007-06-19 20:04-0400, Larry wrote:
>> greetings:
>> I have found a compromised hosting client on one of our servers. The bot
>> is connecting to dalnet for C&C. Can you please assist in terminating this?
> I believe dalnet still has an abuse and kline commitees... but I haven't
> been up to date in.. wow.

I sent it to abuse at dal.net and finally got a hold of an oper on dalnet
but thinking might have better luck here finding one of their admins or
server owners who could help ;)

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