[Dshield] Dalnet being uses as a C&C server

Larry lbrower at servermanagementsolutions.com
Wed Jun 20 03:50:14 GMT 2007

Tomas L. Byrnes wrote:
> If you don't see this site come down soon, you can ask the handler on
> duty, Marc, or Johannes, to activate a ThreatSTOP Emergency block on the
> host. People using our service block inbound and outbound, and we have a
> channel in place to have the ISC Handlers push out an emergency block,
> if they detect a malware seed or C&C site that they want taken down,
> that isn't responsive. We only let the handlers due this, so that the
> proper incident response methods are followed.

As of now the C&C channel is still active on dalnet. no response
received from abuse, dalnets exploit team or the servers admin

the dalnet server specified was:  rumble.dal.net

root at dx-06 [/home/maxqe/public_html/status/exploit]# host rumble.dal.net
rumble.dal.net is an alias for pool.dal.net.
pool.dal.net has address

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* Topic for #JagungNet set by irhammna at Mon Jun 18 12:47:29 2007
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