[Dshield] Outbound GoToMyPC

Paul Melson pmelson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 17:46:41 GMT 2007

> What about outbound GoToMyPC?  That is, what is the security risk to a
networked work environment which 
> allows exclusively *outbound* access to GoToMyPC?  

It's slightly less bad than allowing outbound access to IRC.  GoToMyPC
client connects out through your firewall to their service.  Employee sets
up the client, leave work, goes home, and log in to their work PC from a web
browser.  It's tantamount to access via pcAnywhere, VNC, RDP, or whatever
other remote control tool you can think of.  Except, you don't control it.
Your end user and some other company do.

On a related note, a number of web-based presentation and
remote-help-on-demand services will trigger IDS rules that detect GoToMyPC
traffic, because they use the same or similar protocols.


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