[Dshield] File Trail Audits

Dave Hatz davehatz at hatzventures.org
Mon May 14 13:41:09 GMT 2007

What I am looking for is an application or OS function that will keep track
of changes made to files on our web servers.  We have a lot of users that
make changes to files on the web server and I would like to know who changed
the file and when the file was changed.  I would also like to keep track of
deleted files as well.
We are running W2K Advanced Server with an IIS5 Web Server.  Is there any OS
functions I can look at to enable the audit trails or any 3rd party
applications we can get that will help us?
If I am not using the correct terminology, please correct me so that I can
better understand what I am looking into.  I am by no means a security or
network expert,  I come from the software side of the house.  So, any advice
I get will be helpful to us.
Dave Hatz

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