[Dshield] Dead hard drive disposal

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Sat May 26 21:49:31 GMT 2007

There is a (big) difference between welder types.  I think you would be 
all day slagging an HD with an arc welder.  Since parts of it are non 
conductive amperage alone wouldn't do it.  Oxy Mapp is my choice.  Too 
many safety issues with using and storing acetylene.  As stated you 
really want to have knowledge of your gear.  A large rosebud throws 
enough heat to actually set a human on fire.  Not a good choice for a 
household with children.  Don't keep the equipment in a garage attached 
to your house.  Many local community colleges offer intro to welding 
courses.  So too do many welding supply stores.  Take the course before 
you buy the equipment.  In fact take two or three courses for a more 
balanced approach.  (Strangely some welding store courses will always 
push the gear they just happen to sell as the best gear to buy.)  Taking 
the free intro course from a local supplier, and the generic community 
college course is a good beginning.  Enough off topic.  Later.

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> Correction to part of this.
> Most soda/beer cans use an aluminum/magnesium alloy top.   As far as
> the acetylene torch, most should avoid those without the proper
> equipment.   If you dont have the cash for an arc welder,
> http://del.icio.us/popular/welding might be a good place to start.   I
> would recommend some training beforehand tho.   Backyard art of hard
> drives and computer cases is looking to become an option lately.  Esp
> with the growing pile of hardware I keep killing.

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