[Dshield] Dead hard drive disposal

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Wed May 30 23:26:49 GMT 2007

At 2:07 PM -0400 5/30/07, Fielder, Wayne  (CPE) wrote:
>Everytime I see this thread come up we get new and interesting ideas on
>how to accomplish this task.  The new and interesting ideas typically
>involve fire, smoke, and the occassional BANG. 
>After digesting some of the new material here I'm left to wonder if we
>create this thread simply to give a reason to discuss our latest fetish
>for explosive destruction. ;)

What about better living through chemistry? Let the platters sit 
overnight in muriatic acid.  I haven't tried it but muriatic acid is 
easy to get, stable, easiest to use of all the acids, and should 
destroy the platters recording surface.


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