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stcarey at juno.com stcarey at juno.com
Tue Oct 30 20:46:52 GMT 2007

  We have been concerned about XeeX.net for a while.  Looks like they are part of the Akamai service and Symantec antivirus downloads.  We run Blue Coat Proxy, so we always look to see what the user was getting jsut in case.  So far, everything has been kosher.
Stan Carey

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Does anyone have a solid idea of what the heck Xeex.net is? From everything
I've been able to look at, it appears to be either a new Akamai type service
or an ad feeder. The company that owns Xeex is NRsoftware but their website
doesn't really say anything about any Akamai type service. There is a ton of
traffic going to their sites and we haven't been able to determine what it is
but it's a substantial amount of traffic. 


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