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Sat Sep 15 05:01:03 GMT 2007


Have you contacted the good folks at www.spamhaus.org about how they 
implement their environment.  It seems like you may have some similar 
processing functions going on (albeit, perhaps for varied, but 
related objectives).

Also, you may want to look at a more distributed implementation 
approach to mitigate reliance on centralized servers (which has a 
byproduct of being a bit more robust against attacks, though possibly 
harder to control).

I understand the issues found with smaller budget startup projects, 
but then, that is part of the fun and thrill of being an 
entrepreneur.  Always remember that every web site started with guest 
visitor number 1 and grew from there - the trick seems always to 
figure out how best to handle the growth of a successful site.

Thanks for the parenthetical comment, it made me smile - doing some 
of that myself.  I think that people, for the most part, understand 
such things in early stage, when one is working honestly to offer 
something that is both free and provided as a service to help them in 
some way.  The Internet really is a little bigger than it was in the 
1990s - but then, that can be a good thing too. ;-)


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At 03:55 PM 9/14/2007, you wrote:
>ThreatSTOP has a high class problem: we've outgrown the small-scale
>co-lo we were in for our beta a lot faster than we planned, and very
>So, we've had to move quickly. We've sent an e-mail to all our
>subscribers, but some of the messages have bounced. Since the vast
>majority of our subscribers are from the DShield community, I thought
>that posting here would help.
>If you are a ThreatSTOP beta subscriber (not someone using the emergency
>public DNS feed, but the signed-up beta) please change your DNS server
>for the ThreatSTOP lists to:
>This server will be a stable secondary over the long term, and we will
>add additional POPs over the next two weeks.
>Sorry for any inconvenience. We were working on a scalability plan that
>would have been more seamless, but got swamped as a result of offering
>the free public service. Due to the size of the lookups we propagate and
>our desire to maintain privacy for SME and SMB user's custom lists, the
>traditional secondary name services are not practical for us.
>(Hangs head in shame and mumbles about nature of early beta startup with
>limited resources.....)
>You can keep abreast of what is going on @ www.threatstop.com
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