[Dshield] Anybody know how to get Trend Micro to fix their adwaredefs for Housecall?

Ivan_Macalintal at trendmicro.com Ivan_Macalintal at trendmicro.com
Tue Sep 18 23:02:56 GMT 2007

Hi Brenden!

I and a couple of guys from Support will be contacting you (off-list)
about this and have this fully investigated asap.


Ivan Macalintal
Senior Threat Analyst and Researcher
Trend Micro Inc.

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I'm hoping someone can help.  Hopefully this isn't too far off topic
(I'm sure it'll be bounced back if it is).  

The Trend Micro 'Housecall' website is identifying the registry keys we
use for storing configuration and the like as 'Adware.Delfin'.
According to Symantec's site
5939-99&tabid=2 this adware doesn't use the same registry locations at

I only found one other adware scanner that seems to report
HKLM\Software\DSI as belonging to this particular adware (Ewido) but at
least they responded to my requests.

I tried various contact methods with Trend Micro, not much luck except
very poor english canned responses (or so they appeared to be).

I'd rather not have to update the our software which has been using this
key for close to a decade now. 

Thanks for any tips.  

(and to the moderator, no need to explain if this doesn't fit).

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