[Dshield] Does Dshield still respond to each submission?

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Tue Jul 1 21:23:23 GMT 2008

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Looks like DShield no longer recognizes a valid "from" address in your  
submissions. I turned on debugging for your account and will let you  
know off-list if i see anything.

If you enable "feedback" in your profile, each e-mail will result in  
an acknowledgement. This should be your first stop if something odd  
happens (e.g. no more daily reports, reports missing). These e-mails  
contain a lot of debugging info so they will help me (or you) figuring  
out what the problem is. However, if there is no "From" e-mail  
recognized, we can't send you an email. In these cases, I can still  
check our logs if we received an e-mail from your userid, or other  
identifiers, but I will have to turn on debugging for the particular  
account to have it retain full copies of the e-mails.

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On Jul 1, 2008, at 4:17 PM, Cox, Shawn wrote:

> I have stopped getting dshield responses from the cvtwin log  
> submissions I send in.  Do you all still get a response back for  
> each log submitted?
> We recently had a firewall change but I changed the type in cvtwin  
> and everything appears to be working properly.  I see the  
> submissions get out of the mail server towards dshield but I never  
> get a response back for each submission.
> Additionally reports in "My Dshield" do not show any submitted data  
> so I am worried that something is not right anymore.
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