[Dshield] Windows UDP Packet Sending Process

John.Schlichting at osf.ok.gov John.Schlichting at osf.ok.gov
Thu Jul 3 14:37:56 GMT 2008

  I agree with Chris.  In these cases I pull the drive, mount it RO, and
load up the Gargoyle hash set to look for any known malware.  If this is
unsuccessful, it can get pretty hairy from there, comparing hashed filesets
from the gozillions of Windows patched files to find the diffs.  If you
can, a  -X tcpdump could be useful.  Also, if you can share the dest ip, I
can run it through and see if I get any hits from my networks.


list-bounces at lists.dshield.org wrote on 07/03/2008 03:08:58 AM:

> Hash: SHA1
> Mike Hale wrote:
> > Have you tried running something like ProcMon and FileMon?  They might
> > be of some help.
> TCPView, FileMon, ProcMon, ... -- been through the sysinternals tool
> kit. No help. But, thanks for the thought.

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