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Jon Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Fri May 30 03:36:46 GMT 2008

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Greetings All,

The Adobe flash player issue brings up what I consider a critical question.

Few (IMHO, very few) web browser plug-ins let you know when there are
updates available. After playing around with Safari and Firefox, the
only out-of-date plugins that I experimented with that told me they were
out of date were the Acrobat Reader and QuickTime plugins. Even more
scary -- and I believe a fundamental problem with web plugin design --
they did not provide an offer to update to a newer version until AFTER
they had executed (potentially malicious) content.

Which gets me to my question: Is there any good tool available to
inventory each workstation in a organization and report on installed
plugins for each browser installed?

As a follow-up question: Is there a tool available that will push out
plugins to every browser that needs an update? (Something like patch
management for browser plugins?)

TIA for feedback.

Jon Kibler
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