[Dshield] Certifications: Not worth the paper they are printed on?

Jon Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Mon Oct 6 14:45:49 GMT 2008

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M Quibell wrote:
> This is nothing new. It's been an issue since these certs first started
> coming out. Where have you been? The CISSP for example, proves nothing
> except someone can study for, and pass a test. I've known people who
> have passed it who are both great security people and who are bumbling
> idiots. Yes, I agree, it's too bad employers don't look beyond the cert
> when looking for candidates. But you must realize, that is one of the
> few quantitative tools employers have to 'measure' a person. Myself, I
> have old, expired certs, but I guess they never expire. I have two
> degrees in this field, directly related, yet employers never seem to
> lock on to that either. It's all about the certs because that's all they
> know. They even take certs over degrees. Now that's sad.
> Marc

Never said it was new. I just reached my limit Friday and had to say
something. We should all be working to educate employers which certs are
worth something and which ones are not. Plus, we should work with
employers to help them understand what are the appropriate certs for a
given job description.

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