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At 5:03 PM -0500 1/17/09, Jon Kibler wrote:
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>I have spent most of the day wading through various web sites looking
>for best practices for embedded systems security, particularly for
>hardening embedded Linux systems. There seems to be a dearth of real
>What I have been able to find is:
>   -- some NIST practices that are technology specific (such as RFID);
>   -- some consultants trying to sell documents of their best practices;
>   -- some really weak articles in industry trade pubs;
>   -- some "reprint for sale" academic articles (mostly IEEE);
>   -- a book ("Practical Embedded Security: Building Secure
>Resource-Constrained Systems") that seem to be rather high level, and
>programming and network oriented, rather than systems hardening
>   -- a couple of other books, that also seem to be networking and
>programmer, or theoritical oriented.
>What I am looking for specifically is:
>   -- Hardening and security best practices for embedded Linux,
>   -- Hardening and security best practices for non-Intel embedded
>processors (e.g., ARM, Blackfin, Coldfire, MIPS, PPC, Xscale, etc.).
>Does anyone have any recommendations for embedded systems security best
>practices guidelines/manuals/books/documentation?


I find this as a good starting point:


Here are some linux links.  It really doesn't matter whether is linux 
on intel or linux on arm, ppc, etc.


Hope this helps,

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