[Dshield] dshield for di-808hv using linux client

Greg White pcguy11 at live.com
Sun Mar 29 01:34:24 GMT 2009

>> I have a D-Link DI-808HV whose logs I want sent to dshield.
>> The latest firmware doesn't have a built-in dshield client,
>> bad d-link. I see there is a windows client for this unit,
>> but I don't want to leave my power hungry PC on all the
>> time. My plan was to build a tiny Linux based device to
>> receive the logs from the router via syslog and then have
>> the logs sent to dshield from the device. Marvell seems to
>> have read my mind and is coming out with a wallplug size
>> device that runs linux, uses 5 watts, and is cheap.
>> I was looking at the list of Linux and UNIX DShield Clients
>> and I am not sure which one will meet my needs. Is my plan
>> workable or is there something I am not considering? Which
>> client will work for me?
> I think it mostly will depend on what format the syslog data comes
> in. The plan sounds reasonable, I too have noticed the wallplug 
> device.. just can't think of a use for it yet ;-)

Good question I don't know what format the data is in.  However I checked the DShield Universal Firewall Client and the Dlink router is listed (not my specific version though).  Under WallWatcher the DI-804 is listed and I think the DI-808 is a 8 port version of the 804.  But those are windows clients.

Under Linux clients there is a DI-604 listed but it doesn't look like what I am looking for.  My idea was to have my 808 send its logs via syslog to the wallplug.  Then every 24 hours the wallplug would change the data from syslog to the dshield format and then send it to dshield.


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