[Dshield] New Mailing List Invites

Shaun shaun at shaunc.com
Fri Jan 22 06:14:20 GMT 2010

> So how does one get emails from this list to their SMTP emails? I don't
> see anything on that page where I can subscribed an non-google email
> address.

You must first make a Google account. You can do this using any email
address you prefer. If you already have a Google account, you can attach
a new email address to it just for subscribing to the list.

My Google account is under s at shat.net but I associated shaun at shaunc.com
to that account in order to continue receiving dshield emails at the
same place. I'm not thrilled about putting any of my eggs in the Google
CIA basket, but that's how Dr. J decided to work it.

Make sure not to check "Stay signed in," and delete any Google cookies
both before and after setting up a Google account. They're still going
to keep up with you by IP address. Avoiding that is a more advanced


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