[Dshield] [dshield] Re: New Mailing List Invites

Brad Morgan b-morgan at concentric.net
Sat Jan 23 06:21:26 GMT 2010

>> It sent me a confirmation...

> Oh sure, it sent me a confirmation too, saying "welcome you're now
> Sorry for not being clear enough (it's been a hell of a morning here).
> Google didn't send is a confirmation > *request*, verifying that it was 
> indeed me who attempted to subscribe to the mail list. 

No it was me who wasn't clear. I was not subscribed to the list until I
replied to a message sent to the email address that I used in the request.
The reply took me to a page where I had to login into Google with my
username and password after which I was granted access to the group.

For me it was the same procedure used by the majority of the lists I
subscribe to.

If you were already logged into your Google account when you clicked the
link in the confirmation email, it might have silently compared the email
address and just said welcome. I wasn't signed in so it didn't work that way
for me.



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