[unisog] RE: Wireless Policies

Asher Yanich ayanic01 at cs.fiu.edu
Fri Aug 17 16:57:04 GMT 2001

I read that LEAP requires you use some proprietary commercial Cisco
version of Radius which of course only runs on NT? Anyone know different, or have
seen extensions to GNU-Radius or free-radius for it?

Asher Yanich
Unix & Network Systemes Support
Computer Science
Florida International University

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Michael Benedetto wrote:

> At 03:44 PM 8/16/2001 -0500, Krulewitch, Sean V wrote:
> >Now that WEP is a proven 15 minute bust, and MAC addresses are proven
> >spoofable (according to traffic on this list), do any of you address
> >content exposure through policies or guidelines at your .EDU's?  If you
> >have anything remotely like any of the rudimentary examples below, I'd like
> >to know what they are and that you have them.
> Has anyone tried using "LEAP" on Cisco wireless networks. According to
> Cisco, their system is more secure than standard WEP...
> ... and before you ask, no, I don't believe everything they tell me  :)
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