[unisog] Who do you guys report to?

Martin, James E. martin at more.net
Fri Aug 3 15:19:11 GMT 2001

As of September '01, we're a direct report to our Director of Operations.
Started off as a report to the Manager of Networking, then moved to the
Manager of Technical Support. We lost too much reaction time handling it
without the DO being first, and there was a perception of an lack of
emphasis on security. 

These changes have taken place over three years. In that time we've gone
from one full time event response team member to three, and have another 15
part-timers on the extended security team distributed throught the
organization. I've also organizationally got the IT audit function. 

FYI, the downside is that I'm becoming more policy oriented and don't get to
play with all the toys I used to. 

Hope this helps!

James E. Martin         
University of Missouri System                   
MOREnet Network Security Coordinator                      

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I am curious as to who you various University IT Security Managers/Officers/
people with IT security responsibilities report to.

Is it...

1. The Audit and Risk Management department in your University?
2. The Head of your Information Technology Unit/Division?
3. Someone underneath #2?

If you send me replies directly then I'll summarise to the group after
a week or so. I am currently reporting to #3 in the scenarios described
above, and I feel that it needs to be higher up in the organisation in order
to produce effective results. I'm interested in seeing how it works at other
Universities so I can compare where I'm at to where you guys are at and then
make a possible proposition.

All replies gratefully appreciated.

Christian Wilson
IT Security Manager, Infrastructure Services
Information Technology Services, Monash University - Clayton
Phone: +61 3 990 51187

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