[unisog] HP Printers and Code Red

Doug Nelson nelson at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Fri Aug 3 19:59:48 GMT 2001

> We are continuing to see some of our HP Printers dump memory when "code
> red" hits their port 80.
> We already know that on firmware ?.07.03 or greater we can:
> Telnet to printer
> type: ews-config: 0 
> and this will disable port 80...
> Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what can we do with the
> older printers?  For instance a LaserJet 5000 with Firmware G.05.35 - 

We're moving many of our printers to private IP's.  I would assume you're
like many of us, with no campus-wide firewall, and limited filtering.
You might be able to get your net admins to set up some local IP's for you.

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