[unisog] Creating standard edu policies

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I think I would answer no.  Each university has a different set of
lawyers who look at the policies in terms of liability.  Each is going
to have their own idea as to where the ToS/AUP should protect the
university, and where it does not.

I don't believe most universities have even considered whether or not
they fall under the ISP clause of the DMCA. 

In other words, technology is not necessarily the entire motivation
for policies.  I have seen at most conferences, however, tutorials on
what you should consider in your policies.  Those tutorials often
appear under the guise of "legal issues".  


> Excellent idea.  
> I've seen similar discussions at the last couple of SANS I've been to (and
> other CSIRT team members here have been to). Anyone know what status that
> has? It might be a good place to start...
> Jim
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> I would like to toss an idea on the table.
> We should all understand by now the importance of having official
> technology policies. I'm primarily talking about Appropriate Use Policies.
> I've been reading some of the various .edu usage policies and have
> found them to me very similar.  However it is obvious that some are much
> better prepared and thought out.
> What I am wondering is if it would be possible for the Universities to
> come together and create an ubiquitous policy or policies.
> Any thoughts?
> Also.. I must give kudo's to Yale.  Their policy
> (http://www.yale.edu/policy/itaup.html) is one of the best I have seen.
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