[unisog] [dc-sage] Code Red mutated? (fwd)

Steve hopper at cs.ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 6 23:40:35 GMT 2001

IIS5 hotfixes are not reported by the Windows Updater.  MS has a hotfix
checker especially for this purpose.



   > I've forwarded your post to them and asked for clarification.
   > --On Monday, August 06, 2001 3:53 PM -0400 John Valenti <valenti at msu.edu> 
   > wrote:
   > >
   > > Windows Update is great tool, but the last time I looked the security
   > > hotfixes weren't there. I complained to the Microsoft security folks a
   > > few months ago, they replied that it was technically or politically
   > > difficult to get all the patches in one location.
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