[unisog] Educating Users - Network Driver's License

Ben Curran bdc1 at humboldt.edu
Wed Aug 8 01:24:37 GMT 2001

3. Randy---..."Everyone is legally required to get a driver's license. 
Everyone has a minimal level of driving


Randy--..."If you don't have insurance, you
may have to pay for any damages caused by your car. Yes, there are
people that drive with no insurance, cause accidents and the repair
cost is never recouped from them."

Ben> >>Except that , I wonder how easy it would be to "borrow" 
another's car for a joy ride and rack up charges for some poor 
unsuspecting "good driver"? Anti-theft becomes paramount.  i.e 
"keys" (no pun intended) of sufficient unbreakable duration

Randy--..."The home DSL market will be a
threat to Internet Security unless the end users get some education on
responsible use."

Ben>>>True. And the liability factor 'ought to be scaled such that new 
car defects discovered, (i.e. badly manufactured tires) fall within grace 
periods, or liability-free windows, in which comsumers are given 
sufficient time to repair. (maybe 2 weeks or so)

Randy..."Anyway, I think EDUs are the "Driving Schools" for future 
homeInternet users. Why not help fix the problem? There are a number 
ofschools that have great initiatives (JMU, UVA, Stanford, UMich and
others) so the model can work."

Ben>>> So... It appears that we're back full circle to .edu's creating a 
suitable parking lot to train drivers, before they're qualified for the 
freeway.  Darn. I just hate when that happens. Guess I'll still have to 
secure our network....Sigh.

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