Take a Break from CodeRed........

Barbara Inzina binzina at mbl.edu
Thu Aug 9 19:02:28 GMT 2001

Thinking about something else for a change.....

We are planning to implement DHCP this winter.  We are in the first
stages of trying
to determine what server to use.  We need to have some kind of
process when an address is requested, and all our authorized users are
in an LDAP
directory, so an LDAP interface would be helpful (or even an API for
that matter.)

What DHCP servers are people using?  I am particularly interested in how
people are handling 
hoards of students who show up with personal laptops.

Thanks in advance for any help, either posted to the list or sent personally.
Barbara Inzina
Network Manager
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, Massachusetts

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