[unisog] RE: Wireless Policies

Anne Bennett anne at alcor.concordia.ca
Mon Aug 20 18:10:06 GMT 2001

Asher Yanich <ayanic01 at cs.fiu.edu>:
>> I read that LEAP requires you use some proprietary commercial Cisco
>> version of Radius which of course only runs on NT? Anyone know different,
>> or have seen extensions to GNU-Radius or free-radius for it?

Jorj Bauer <jorj at seas.upenn.edu>:
> This is mostly true -- it's a LEAP => RADIUS proxy, and Cisco wants it to
> run on NT Server.

That sounds like the thing we are trying to set up here.  We were
hoping to get the NT machine to bounce the queries over to our Unix
RADIUS server, which already has a nice account database (that we
really don't want to put on the NT host).  So far, the person trying
to do this has not succeeded.

If anyone knows the secret to making the NT RADIUS server resend the
queries over to another RADIUS server, please let me know!

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