General Network Security Questions

Hallqvist, Christian christian.hallqvist at
Wed Aug 22 15:52:08 GMT 2001

                Hi all

        I work at the federal institute of technology Zuerich (ETHZ) in 
        Switzerland. Currently I am involved in a Project regarding
        at the network level and wonder what kind of security measures
        have integrated in your university network.

        The question is rather general (considering wireless networks,
        modem pools, VPN and other types of headaches).

        I would be very happy to know what basic infrastructure you 
        use for the network security:

                Do you use firewalls, ip-filtering, proxying, IDS or

                If used, how restrictive configured ?

                What kind of authentication methods do you impose on
                externaly accessing the network?

                Are you satisfied with your configuration?

                Do you or did you have any severe tradeoff conflict
                like performance vs security vs openess?

                Do you plan improving/changing your configuration in
                future and if so what do you plan doing?

        Thank you very much in advance & best regards,

        Christian Hallqvist

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