Alternatives to snkey? (snkey tokens are unavailable after Axent borged by Symantec)

Richard Johnson rdump at
Thu Aug 23 17:00:00 GMT 2001

Symantec, in typical Symantec fashion, borged and mediocritized Axent.
Axent was the purchaser of Security Dynamics, most famous around here for
their snkey one-time password authentication tokens.

Symantec, in typical..., has ceased producing snkey tokens.  Instead,
Symantec is reportedly selling an incompatible system which requires that
you buy their $NT$-$based$$$ authentication server.

We're not going to bite on that lock-in, nor throw money down that drain.
(Not to mention that the very idea of running an organization-wide
authentication server on NT seems a bit too risky to me.)

So we need an alternative.  Are any of you aware of one-time-password token
systems (shared key or public key) that meet the following requirements?

  o  Challenge generation and verification libs available in source,
     buildable on OpenBSD, Solaris and Linux, and linkable to the TIS
     fwtk authsrv.
  o  No extra workstation-attached hardware required.
  o  Cost per token less than $50.

And optionally the following requirement?

  o  Response generation software available in source, buildable for
     Palm devices (some Palm users don't want to carry an extra token).

Thanks in advance for any pointers.  If you mail me directly, I'll
summarize in a bit.


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