[unisog] F5 Networks Big IP product

Geoff Galitz galitz at cchem.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 31 00:36:09 GMT 2001

I used it a fomer employer (a commercial site) and it worked
pretty darn well.  In my experience, it gave us no problems
at all and worked as advertised.


On Thursday, August 30, 2001, at 11:05 AM, Ransel Yoho wrote:

> Anybody in unisog-land using www.f5.com's Big IP product, and if so, 
> what
> do you think of it?  It is advertised as a high availability, load 
> balancing,
> and NAT-firewall product for web servers, email, etc.
> TIA,
> 	Ransel Yoho <ransel at kent.edu>
> 	Network Services, Kent State University

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