web based passwords

Lance Gjerstad lgjersta at kettering.edu
Thu Dec 6 22:07:27 GMT 2001

We have a large number of users who use our Unix system for e-mail, but 
who don't have the knowledge to log into the system and don't care to 
take the time to learn.  Unfortunately, this means they either have to 
call the computer center to have their passwords changed or, as is more 
likely, just never change their passwords.  We've been looking into 
various solutions, such as enabling some sort of web interface to this, 
and likely other commands.  Does anyone know of a secure and affordable 
solution for this?  We'd prefer if the CGI script could become the user 
without having to be suid root, but it doesn't appear that Unix allows this.

Lance Gjerstad
Intermediate Unix System Administrator
Kettering University

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