[unisog] Does anyone explain me why...

Matteo Munaretto mt.461492/IN mmunaret at studenti.math.unipd.it
Fri Dec 7 09:59:59 GMT 2001

Greetings all,
I'm an italian student at Padua's University and I'm interested in
security too! I subscribed your newsletter to learning more. I have a
question. I'd like to get some more information
about PGP downloading, Runsafe or something else about your speech.
When I try to download, it is asked to me if I'm American citizen, so I'm
not allowed..could you suggest me how to do??
Sorry for my English, 
I'm looking forward your reply. 

Thanks all


Teo(aka morphe)

Matteo Munaretto  mt.461492
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Padua -- ITALY

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