[unisog] How often to pull anti virus updates from vendors

Anne Bennett anne at alcor.concordia.ca
Fri Dec 7 15:20:51 GMT 2001

"Chris Robertson" <robertso at ulv.edu>:

> My $.02, but what about a vendor based alert system?  Would anyone else be
> interested in a vendor intiated push of "critical" updates to designated
> distribution servers?  [...]
> Granted a lot of this functionality could be
> gained by a good mailing list as well...

Sophos has an "alert" mailing list for this very purpose.  My plan is
to have a message received from this list trigger a process to pick
up the latest set of definitions -- while Sophos does send the new IDE
with their message, I'd rather not go through the hassle of vetting the
incoming message.  If all an incoming message does is trigger a process
to go to a hardcoded known site for data, the worst a fake e-mail message
can do is a kind of DOS by having my host repeatedly check for updates.

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