[unisog] VPN Protection of Wireless Networks

Jose Nazario jose at biocserver.BIOC.cwru.edu
Thu Dec 13 21:17:41 GMT 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Gary Flynn wrote:

> Without individual keys or certificates, it would seem to me that a
> wireless network depending upon VPN technology is less secure than one
> depending upon WEP. True?

well, WEP's pretty weak. a community of shared certificates is not that
secure, buts its far cry better than WEP. using some form of
authentication (ie passphrases using SSL to a wireless only server) people
can get the certificate they need to get started. using X.509 certificates
these can be validated then. this makes netstumbler type attacks far more
difficult. not impossible, just far more difficult. WEP's rather trivial
to abuse.

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