large volume of files per filesystems

Jim Ennis jim at
Fri Dec 21 17:33:26 GMT 2001


I am looking for any working solutions for having to hold 6-10,000,000
files in a single filesystem (webct).  We are currently using Solaris 7,
ufs, Veritas Netbackup 3.2, Veritas Volume Manager 3.0.4 to manage and
backup the filesystem.  The filesystem is taking too long to backup with
the current architecture (backup over private gigabit network to DLT7000
tape drives on a Sun L1800).

I am looking at moving towards some type of snapshot or InstantImage
technology as a proposed solution.  It looks like (for package needs or
filesystem consistency) that I would be better (for performance alone) to
move the filesystem to vxfs.

Some of the InstantImage products seem to focus on backing up the volume
but don't seem to allow for file/directory level restores (Sun Instant
Image).  I need to be able to restore entire sub-directories, rather than
the whole volume.

What have other people done to handle the backup of lots of little files
with a short backup window?  Any preferred (working) solutions that you
would recommend?

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