[unisog] web based user interfaces

Greg Francis francis at gonzaga.edu
Mon Dec 3 20:22:34 GMT 2001

We're using IMP/Horde and have been pretty happy with it. There are some
glitches that I'm hoping an upgrade will fix. The problem I have with it is
that I've customized the interface enough that an upgrade is a pain to do.
That will be something we'll tackle during the break.

As far as e-mail filtering, we're working on a small web-app that will allow
students to enable and disable forwarding and setup basic mail blocking
using procmail filters. Everything is hidden behind a web interface. We're
still a long ways from production but it looks promising. If anyone else has
already done something similar I would love to see it.

As far as listserv management, we're using majordomo using e-mail based
commands. We've created a web page for requesting a list
(http://barney.gonzaga.edu/tech/listrequest.html) which generates all of the
aliases for us which really helps in initially setting up the lists but the
list manager still does everything through e-mail.


on 12/3/01 11:26 AM, William D. Colburn (aka Schlake) at wcolburn at nmt.edu

> We recently purchased Lyris (http://www.lyris.com/) for campus mailing
> lists.  I'm very happy with it, as are all of my users.  My plans for
> generic web based email are still imp/horde, but they seem to be a pain
> to set up. Email filtering is still done the hard way here (they forward
> complaints to postmaster and I try to put a stop to it).
> On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 10:44:25AM -0800, Tamela R. Germano wrote:
>> We need to modernize our user interfaces. I was wondering if anyone
>> had any recommendations for commercial (or public) software for web
>> mail, web based list serve management, user friendly (web based)
>> do-it-yourself email filtering, and so on?

Greg Francis
Sr. System Administrator
Gonzaga University
francis at gonzaga.edu

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