cheap or free integrity checking software for NT/W2K

lbuchana at lbuchana at
Thu Dec 6 14:41:34 GMT 2001


I also have been looking for such a tool for years.  I even attempted to
write my own.  This last summer I tested and reviewed FCheck and Osiris on
Windows NT.  I prefer Osiris to FCheck.  You can read an overview on file
integrity checking software and my reports at  There are a
number of problems that UNIX developed tools have in verifying the
integrity of Windows systems.  First off is none of them will do anything
with the Registry, they won't sign open files, they have no clue about
alternate data streams, and I suspect that they may not deal correctly with
filenames that are in Unicode (testing this is somewhere on my mdit todo
list, but mdit is way low on the global todo list).

B Cing U


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