[unisog] Does anyone explain me why...

Lance Gjerstad lgjersta at kettering.edu
Fri Dec 7 15:05:21 GMT 2001

This one actually has a lot more to do with history than with computing. 
 With the importance of cyrptography to any number of potential threats 
to the US, a law was made that it was illegal to export computer 
programs or equipment that used a level of encryption that could not 
easily be broken on a government supercomputer.  In October of 2000, the 
Beureau of Export  Administration amended this restriction to allow 
export to the 15 members of the EU and a few other specified countries. 
 The reason this site doesn't let you download is that this new policy 
is relatively new, and the site has probably not been updated to handle 
this new policy.  If you're interested in learning more about this, Take 
a look at www.bxa.doc.gov/Encryption/10Oct2KFactsheet.html  You might 
want to just send an e-mail to the webmaster on this and have him update 

Lance Gjerstad
Intermediate Unix System Administrator
Kettering University

Matteo Munaretto mt.461492/IN wrote:

>Greetings all,
>I'm an italian student at Padua's University and I'm interested in
>security too! I subscribed your newsletter to learning more. I have a
>question. I'd like to get some more information
>about PGP downloading, Runsafe or something else about your speech.
>When I try to download, it is asked to me if I'm American citizen, so I'm
>not allowed..could you suggest me how to do??
>Sorry for my English, 
>I'm looking forward your reply. 
>Thanks all
>Teo(aka morphe)
>Matteo Munaretto  mt.461492
>Dept. of Mathematics
>University of Padua -- ITALY

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