Lab Backbone Access

Ben Curran bdc1 at
Fri Dec 7 22:15:52 GMT 2001

Do any of you have experience/recommendations in allowing/denying 
network backbone access to "switch/router training" facilities on your 
campus LANs, or are these labs typically isolated LANs with no 
"backbone" access, or some variant otherwise? 

If indeed, any switch/router type dedicated training facilities exist out there 
in the edu's? (In addition to CAIDA ITL's)  
Specifically, do "you" allow 
a) Always-on type connections with restricted access, telnet, web only etc.
b) No Campus LAN access
c) Monitored, special-use type backbone access
d) Other - VLANS etc.

Many thanks in advance!
Ben Curran
Network Analyst
Humboldt State University

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