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I'd like to conduct an informal poll of Unisog participants on what 
representation IT & IT security gets within management at your respective 

Context: I'm a finalist for the IT manager post with a university research 
lab.  I know that currently IT is not represented at management meetings. In 
my last position IT fell under a much broader "Resources Division," the 
director of which represented IT in management meetings.

I'm of the opinion that IT should rank up with physical facilities, finance, 
human resources, development, and so on within management, especially since 
the computing and network environment impacts every one of those areas, and 
is key to the success of education and research. (I doubt I'll hear much 
disagreement on this list). Furthermore, computing security policies need 
support from the top to be successful.

Although I know that most business entities now have a CTO, I don't know how 
commonly university and research institutions see IT represented up top.  I'd 
like to push for IT being bumped up in this new position, but my case would 
be helped if I had some relative numbers.

So here are my questions:

1) At what level is IT represented within management at your             

         __ A: IT included in upper management

         __ B: IT represented in upper mgmt under a broader umbrella

         __ C: IT has no significant representation within management

2) Does IT security fall under Technology, Security or some hybrid beast?

3) Do you think the current IT/IT Security representation within the 
management structure is adequate?  If not, why?  What should be different?

4) How many users/hosts are supported within your organization?

5) How would you characterize the bulk of your users (e.g, undergraduates,
         grad students, administrators, faculty, researchers, etc.)

6) Can I refer to you or your institution by name in any summary?  (Default 
is "No", of course)

Please respond off list to 
         pburkholder at

This is not meant to be a rigorous poll. If you don't like my
questions, then I'd still like your comments.  I'll summarize and post.  Then 
I'll apply for a research grant, consult a psychologist, and do a random 
sampling of educational institutions with a rigorously designed set of 
questions.  Then I'll hide for eight years to write a dissertation and 
publish final results.


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