Who's using Sophos?

Pat Wilson paw at noh.ucsd.edu
Wed Dec 12 21:07:28 GMT 2001

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm turning up nothing
in my searches...

We're looking at the Sophos products (and SAVI, in particular)
for central (Unix-based) email virus filtering - it looks like
its threaded mode is the only possible way of dealing with our
volume (around 200-300,000 messages/day, with a requirement for 
near-instantaneous delivery of local mail).

I've heard good things about Sophos, in general, and the
performance tests we've done so far have been encouraging, but
does it hold up under load and provide the performance we need?

If you're using SAVI in this way in a large enviornment, please
drop me a note - I'll summarize for the list.


Pat Wilson
Network Security Manager
UCSD ACS/Network Operations
paw at ucsd.edu
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