Fw: Verisign CA & IBM HTTP Server

Pam Crawford pbcrawf at emory.edu
Fri Dec 14 14:35:45 GMT 2001

I have a user who is having a problem installing a Verisign Global CA to his
IBM HTTP Server.

He has downloaded two trial CA's from the Verisign site which have worked
perfectly.  However, when he attempts to install the production version CA
from our internal CA site, there are problems.  Our Systems Support person
has provided the specific error information as follows:

> =========================================================================
> Box: RS/6K
> WebServer: IBM HTTP Server/ based on Apache/1.3.7-dev
> SSL: mod_ibm_ssl_128.so (IBM's version of Apache's mod_ssl.so)
> CSRs and Certificates are handled by "ikeyman", and going by the book
> 1) Generate CSR
> 2) Store Intermediate Cert
> 3) Receive Certificate
> 4) Restart httpd (apachectl restart)
> Error_Log: [...date...] [error] mod_ibm_ssl: Failure obtaining
> distinguished name for label (null).
> Additional Info: Verisign's 14-day trial CA installs and works like a
> charm. It DOES NOT require loading an INTERMEDIATE Cert.
> I believe that the culprit is the Intermediate/Chain Cert, which is
> http://www.verisign.com/support/install/intermediate.html
> Verisign's Technical Support is clueless.
> ==========================================================================

We have called Verisign Customer support on several occasions, but their
final solution was to have us call IBM

If anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any ideas on how to get
the global CA installed for this situation, please contact me directly at
pbcrawf at emory.edu  or through the list.

I appreciate your help.

Pam Crawford
Security Analyst
Emory University
pbcrawf at emory.edu

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