[unisog] CERT® Advisory CA-2001-34 Buffer Overflow in System V Derived Login

Rich Jones rich at uwo.ca
Fri Dec 14 17:48:13 GMT 2001

greg gaustad wrote:
> At least for those on support, Sun will supply via email
> temporary "use at your own risk" patches until fully
> tested patches are available next week.

The following patches are now available for download by
those with support:

 111085-02 SunOS 5.8: /usr/bin/login patch
 111086-02 SunOS 5.8_x86: /usr/bin/login patch
 112300-01 SunOS 5.7:: usr/bin/login Patch
 112301-01 SunOS 5.7_x86:: usr/bin/login Patch
 105665-04 SunOS 5.6: /usr/bin/login patch
 105666-04 SunOS 5.6_x86: /usr/bin/login patch
 106160-02 SunOS 5.5.1: /usr/bin/login patch

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