Web Publication Guidelines

Bob Ono raono at ucdavis.edu
Fri Dec 14 20:12:07 GMT 2001

During the late fall, a small number of campus web site sponsors reviewed 
the need to ensure that only campus affiliates could access  selected web 
content.  This review was conducted in consideration to public safety 
concerns and/or regulatory request.

We are currently discussing the development of a web publication guidelines 
that would help units to identify web content that may not need to be 
broadly available due to campus/public safety issues or made available to 
campus affiliates via authentication with a campus id or some other 
mechanism.  We were interested to learn whether any other campus has 
prepared similar material to guide web content preparers.

Thanks in advance,


Robert A. Ono, CISSP
Information Technology Security Coordinator
Information and Educational Technology
University of California, Davis
(530) 754-6484 Desk

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