[unisog] port 898?

Pat Wilson paw at noh.ucsd.edu
Tue Dec 18 02:22:59 GMT 2001

Thanks.  It turns out, as someone else noted, that smcboot got
re-enabled during the application of some Sun patch (sorry, don't
know which); I'm surmising that's what happened to cause our


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John McNair <jmcnair at utk.edu> was the first to write:
>  On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Pat Wilson wrote:
>  > Anyone know what might be sitting on port 898?
>  Google search for "port 898" suggests:
>  Solaris Management Console server port (default is 898)
>  Wonder why it's not in the various lists of ports I've tried to collect.
>  Oh, well...
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